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Our Services

The company operates five Divisions in order to bring focused services close to its valued customers. These Divisions are:


Core Business 
  • Conceptual and detailed engineering design

  • Project and construction management

  • Consultancy and technical studies

  • Environmental planning and impact assessment studies

  • Provision of manpower services

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

  • Oil & Gas power distribution and motor control solutions

Sectorial Focus

  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas production facilities
  • Onshore and offshore pipelines
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • LPG/LNG facilities
  • AGG (Associated Gas Gathering) projects

Assembling Halyester Switchboard at Teco Factory

Installation & Commissioning at a client's site

Capitole 40 Switchboard

Oil and Gas Flow station

Halyester ready for use

Typical  Halyester Switchboard



Core Business

  • Fabrication and supply of industrial machinery, equipment, and spare parts;
  • Fabrication of steel structures, tanks and shipping containers;
  • Turnkey construction and industrial installations;
  • Plant commissioning and training of operators and maintenance crew. 


Sectorial Focus 

  • Palm oil mills and palm kernel plants;

  • Food processing industries;

  • Poultry and meat processing plants;

  • Dairy systems

This division operates from a 30-acre industrial estate in Owo, Ondo State of Nigeria.


Poultry Processing Plant

Small Scale Palm Oil Mill

Large Scale Palm Oil Mill

Fresh Milk Processing Plant

Meat Processing Plant

Overhead Water Storage Tank



Core Business

  • Supply, installation and servicing of pumps for liquid transportation;
  • Supply and installation of electric motors;
  • Supply and Installation of different types of Valves
  • Water treatment for domestic and industrial use;
  • Industrial waste water management and treatment systems.
  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs of industrial plants and equipment
  • Supply and Installation of Foundry equipment


Sectorial Focus 

  • Process industries;

  • Water corporations and domestic water supply;

  • Irrigation in agriculture;

  • Construction contractors and high rise buildings;

  • Oil and gas industries and refineries;

  • Chemical and petrochemical industries;

  • Liquefied Natural Gas.


Top Gear Pump


Electric Motor

Free Flow Pump

Centrifugal Pump
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Plant



Core Business

  • Boost-up mobile unit for GSM network;

  • Maintenance workshop equipment and tools;

  • Training workshops;
  • Mobile workshops and mobile hospitals;
  • Fire-fighting trucks;
  • Micro projects for rural development.


Sectorial Focus 

  • Steel plants (Ajaokuta, Delta Steel, etc);
  • Inland rolling mills;
  • Machine tools industries;
  • Automobile industries;
  • Mining
  • Industrial development Centres/ Ministry of Industries;
  • Ministry of Science and Technology
  • GSM Operators
  • PTO (Private Telecom Operators), etc.
  • Multilateral Organisations such as UNDP, EIB, WB, ADB, EDF, etc.

Stirling Liquid Oxygen Plant for Medical Applications

Stirling Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Mobile Communications Mast

Test Running Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Industrial Fire Fighting Truck



Core Business

  • Supply and installation of Holec LV switchgears (Eaton Electrics)

  • Supply and installation of Holec MV switchgears (Eaton Electrics)

  • Supply and installation of stand-alone medical Liquid Oxygen plant - StirLOX

  • Supply and installation of stand-alone Liquid Nitrogen plant - StirLIN

  • Supply and installation of ESD systems;

  • Supply of industrial controls (Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Relays, Switches, etc.)


Sectorial Focus 

  • Process Industries
  • Mining and Cement industries
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical and Refineries
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Research laboratories and universities

Stirling Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Halyester Switchboard

Halyester SB Installation

Medium Voltage Switchboard

Containerized Capitole 40 Switchboard

Dino Bins For Waste Disposal